Monaco group joined The National PRONTO Association in 2010 as a means of satisfying customers needs for quality products at competitive prices. The National PRONTO Association is a professionally managed, multidisciplinary organization that specializes in all levels of automotive distribution, from warehouse distributors to auto parts stores and service centres.

Being a PRONTO member allows Monaco Group and their customers to benefit from brand recognition, as well as acquire PRONTO and national brand parts at better rates to increase everyone’s ability to compete for market share and profitability in this fast paced industry.

Independent warehouse distributor buying group (94 members and more than 350 warehouses in North America).Over 75,000 repair shops and 1,000,000 part numbers.

• Huge purchasing power.
• Distributor of major national brands.
• Distributor of 3 exclusive brands.

Entrepôt de Montréal, a Pronto member, has a network of dynamic members and 3 distribution centres: Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.