House Brands

EUROROTOR is a private brand owned by MONACO Group. Eurorotor consists of brake discs and friction products as follows:

– Friction – SEMI-METALLIC Brake Pads

– Ice – CERAMIC Brake Pads

– XTREME – CARBON Brake Pads

– 3F  FINE BLACK- Premium Brake Drums

– HIGH CARBON QUIET – Premium Brake Discs

– Brake Shoes

– Wear Sensors

ULTRA brand and design has been created and developed by MONACO Group and consists of:

– ULTRA – Brake Discs

– ULTRA – Hub Assembly & Anti-Friction Bearings

– ULTRA – Steering & Suspension Parts

PRONTO is a private brand owned by our business partner, NATIONAL PRONTO and their products consist of:

– Motor Oil

– Batteries: Automobile, Truck & Marine

– Hydraulic Brake Parts

– Air & Oil Filters